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Before you go any further, if you're under 15 or easily offended you should not play this game! as it's meant to be crude, offensive and funny so only play if you have a thick skin and a good sense of humor.

this is a physics based first person shooter with comedy elements. It's meant to be cheesy with simple game play and not taken too seriously. You've been sent to Mushroom planet to kill all the evil cursing Fungi infecting the town, these evil mushrooms may try and kill you or the tiny ones may hide and curse you where you'll need a keen ear, and eye to catch them all. I don't want to give you lots of PR talk about how innovative it is etc, that's just annoying, instead, simply put, it's funny, fun, challenging and generally kicks ass! what more do you want?


Buy Now£2.50 GBP or more

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Annoying_Little_Things_Setup.exe 145 MB


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Hey. I played your games and recorded it on a video. It was fun :D. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.


That was great thank you for that. You even managed to surprise us, the jumping glitch in "Annoying Little Things" is something even we didn't realise you could do - so congratulation!

While you can use the mouse in "Tooth and Claw" it is better to use it completely via keyboard, But we have massive updates on that game coming soon (with fixed controls etc).

Currently with the version you're playing, it also has a full day and night cycle and the animals will behave differently at night. 

Anyway, thanks again.


With the 'baby' mushrooms, a lot of it is very English humour.

We love seeing video streamers on our games, especially this one as it can be a great laugh, if you do, please send us a link.